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If you’re a new blogger, getting even 10 people to visit your blog can seem like an impossible task!

If you find you’re only getting a handful of people on your blog a day, I totally get that it can be really discouraging.  And if your end goal is to make money from your blog, well, no traffic equals no revenue!

Getting traffic shouldn’t be the only goal you have as a new blogger because you don’t need a whole ton of traffic to start monetizing if you’re writing for a very specific audience.  In fact, you can start earning money from blogging with only a few thousands pageviews!

But if you’re looking to join a good paying ad network, which can increase your blogging income, you’re going to have to ramp up your traffic to reach a certain number of pageviews per month.

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog

Luckily, getting traffic is actually easier than you think.  You just need to strategically use the right methods and promote your blog in places where your target market already lie.

It’s also always a good idea not to put all of your eggs in one basket in case one channel no longer exists or changes its algorithm.  Because of this, it’s important to find more than one avenue to bring traffic to your blog that works well for you.

So without further ado, let’s get on with 8 ways you can drive traffic to your blog.  Best of all, they’re free!


1. Google

Google is one of the best places to get the majority of your traffic from.
You might have heard of the term SEO, which means search engine optimization.
Optimizing your SEO is not a short-term game.
In fact, the time and work that you put into optimizing your posts often won’t be seen until many months later.  Fortunately, spending the time on it is well worth it because you will get good quality traffic and higher conversion rates compared to other avenues.
Why are conversion rates higher with SEO?
Well, viewers are searching for certain keywords on Google and looking for a solution to help them solve a problem.  If you write a post that instills trust in them because you helped solve their problem, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you and come back to your site again.
Generally, you should work towards improving your SEO no matter which niche you’re in.  But there are some niches, such as health, legal, or finance, which are much harder to rank well due to a recent change in Google’s algorithm.
It’s important to be wary of that when you’re choosing a niche when you start a blog or if you’re still deciding whether to use Google to bring long-term traffic to your blog.
One of my favorite resources to learn and improve on your SEO skills is Dare To Conquer’s SEO My Goodness course.  Scrivs shows you the strategies you need to get your posts ranked and get a ton of traffic to your blog.  He has a ton of successful blogs that he manages and tests his strategies with so you can be sure that they work!

2. Pinterest

Although Google should be your long-term strategy to bring traffic to your blog, you’ll want to have a shorter-term strategy to drive traffic quickly to your blog in the mean time.
This is where Pinterest comes in.
Pinterest is one of the best ways to explode your traffic in a short amount of time.  On one of my other blog’s, I get over 1.7 million monthly views on my Pinterest account and over 50,000 pageviews on my blog each month all just from Pinterest!


All you need to do is:
 1. Pin a total of 30-50 pins a day (consisting of both your blog’s pins as well as other people’s pins) to both your own boards as well as group boards.
2. Ensure you optimize your Pinterest SEO in your profile, board descriptions, and pin descriptions.
3. Create pins with attractive colors and text that will entice people to click on them.
I use Tailwind to schedule my pins so that my pins are constantly being pinned to Pinterest at all times of the day.  It’s seriously the best blogging tool that I’ve invested in!
Using Tailwind to pin on Pinterest brings me traffic while saving me time and allowing me to work on other important parts of my blog such as content creation.  As much as I love spending time on Pinterest, I don’t want to be constantly manually pinning all day, every day!
Another great feature about Tailwind is their Tribes.  With Tailwind Tribes, you can get your pins seen and pinned by even more users.
Tribes are a great way to get a viral post which can drive thousands of pageviews to your blog in just a single day!  This is a huge help if you’re trying to hit the minimum traffic requirement to join an ad network.
All Tailwind users can get 30 tribe submissions a month for free so it’s really a no-brainer is join!

3. Facebook

Facebook is another great avenue to get more traffic to your blog for free although you shouldn’t be spending too much of your time on here because I’d focus more on Pinterest.


I recommend creating a Facebook page and posting on it periodically to drive clicks to your blog posts.
You do need to share other people’s posts as well so that you don’t seem like you’re just spamming your own content.
You’ll also want to keep in mind that your engagement rates are really important and the higher your engagement rate, the more your content will be seen by your followers.
To increase your engagement, ask your followers questions to get them to comment as well as share viral videos that you think will be interesting to your audience.


Participating in Facebook groups are also a way to get clicks to your blog.
How this works is once you join Facebook blogging groups that focus on driving traffic to blogs, you join threads where you can share or clickthrough to other blogger’s posts while they share or click your posts.
The unfortunate problem with using Facebook groups as a way of getting traffic is that they’re time consuming.
Not only are they time consuming, but the members of the group are probably not your ideal target audience anyway which won’t help grow your following in the long run.
Once they click on your site, they will leave soon after, which also increases your bounce rate.
Regardless, Facebook groups are a great free avenue for fast traffic if you’re looking for something quick in the short-term.  Here are 7 blogging groups that I recommend you check out:
  • Blog Support Group
  • Social Media Network Group
  • Show Your Blog Love
  • Grow Your Blog
  • Bloggers Supporting Each Other
  • GimmieLove – Blog & Social Media Engagement Group
  • Growing Social Media for Bloggers

 4. Twitter

Twitter is a great social media channel to drive traffic to your blog depending on your niche.
An average tweet doesn’t last very long before it doesn’t get much interaction anymore so tweeting often is key to getting your content seen.
One of my favorite ways to do this is to use IFTTT and Google Calendar.  All you have to do is create a recipe and schedule out your tweets.  It’s totally free, easy to use, and a huge time saver!
Check out my post for an easy to follow tutorial on how to do this.
Just don’t forget to include a few relevant hashtags in your tweets to get more visibility.

 5. Instagram

Instagram is another big platform to drive traffic to your blog if your target audience is on there.
With Instagram, you aren’t so much promoting your posts straight up.  But it’s a great way to engage your audience and story tell, which will all help build a following around your brand.
If you have over 10,000 followers and have the swipe up feature, of course promoting your posts will be more easy so striving to get more engaged followers is a must if you plan on using Instagram as a traffic driver.
Don’t forget to also use relevant hashtags and schedule out your posts.  Tailwind also has a great Instagram scheduler that will help you save time so check that out!

6. Quora

Quora is a platform where users can asks questions and get replies from experts.
If you’re an expert on a subject, a great way to drive traffic to your blog is to answer questions in-depth that other users ask on topics that you’re knowledgable on.  Once you answer questions, you can link back to your blog post.
When you do this enough and gain a good reputation, it can be a great traffic driver to your posts!

7. Reddit

Reddit is also another great forum to show your expert knowledge and then link back to your blog posts.
There are so many subreddits on the site that there is bound to be a thread where you can reply with your knowledge and drive traffic back to your site.

8. Email List

Last but not least, a major traffic driver is to have your own email list.
The great thing about an email list is that you don’t have to rely on any external social media channel and deal with frequent algorithm changes that are out of your control.
At this day and age where there are a lot of new social media channels appearing and many going out of business at the same time, having a space that is reliable and won’t affect your traffic is really important!
Everyone on your list are people who want to hear from you because they consented to subscribing to you and that is totally priceless!
Because this list is yours and can’t be altered by external forces, I highly recommend starting to grow and nurture your email list if you haven’t started yet.
I use Mailerlite and love that they give you up to 1,000 subscribers for free, so it’s really perfect if you’re a beginner just starting out with your email list.  Definitely check it out!

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