How To Make Money While You Sleep With Affiliate Marketing.

12. October 2019
Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog
29. October 2019

 How to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.

Wondering how to make money with your blog?

There are many different ways to make some serious money with your blog.

You can make money and have a passive income while you sleep with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate linking is the most under-rated way to make money online. Why? Simply because most people don’t know enough about it!

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Instagram personality or blogger makes money? Let us enlighten you.

Among all the other options, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and best blog monetization methods for new bloggers and for those who prefer something easy to start and hands-off.


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other company’s products. For every product you refer and make a sale, you receive a percentage of the profit.

Affiliate marketing is such a powerhouse because there is NO START UP COST. You’re recommending products to your viewers and by linking them, you make a commission. It’s that simple.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a BIG deal if you know how to sell. Anyone with certain skills can earn more money from it. The major reason most people don’t make even a buck from online marketing is this, they sell products directly to their readers or customers without knowing their needs and wants.

What happens when you directly sell online products like that? No one cares about buying your products.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

The most successful form of affiliate marketing is through blogging because different affiliate programs have rules on where you’re allowed to post their links.

It is the process of earning commission by promoting others products. You earn commission for every successful sale you make. It is one of the best ways to make passive income from online. That means, you make profits even while you sleep, isn’t it a great idea?

For example, Amazon doesn’t allow you to use affiliate links in Facebook groups or on e-mail lists.

So how does it work?

Here’s a simple explanation for you. The steps to successful Affiliate Linking:

  • Find Your Niche
  • Build Your Website
  • Create Quality Content
  • You find an amazing product that offers an affiliate program
  • Link Products
  • You send your website visitors to that affiliate program using your special tracking link (which is also known as affiliate referral link)

If your website visitor ends up buying the product you referred to, you get commission on the sale (your commission depends on the products you promote)

If you don’t already have a website or blog, I highly recommend you create one.

Otherwise, you can check our next article: How To Start Your Own Blog For Beginners.

  1. You’ll sign upan affiliate program – it can be another online business or an affiliate network.
  2. Choose the product or service that you like to promote on your blog
  3. You’ll be given a unique affiliate tracking linkthat is used to drive the traffic to the seller’s products. Usually, sellers will provide text link banners and other creative material too.
  4. You can then place this link within your content such as in a blog post or link to a banner.
  5. When one of the visitors clicks on that link and make a purchase at the merchant’s site, you’ll earn a commission.


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