Legit Passive Income Ideas To Make Money While Sleeping
6. May 2014
11. October 2019

We all wish we could make money while we sleep right?

Think about it, you can take an extra-long holiday while your “passive income” makes you money behind the scenes – truly a dream come true.

So, what is a PASSIVE INCOME?

Here is a short explanation.

Passive income is where, at first you put in effort on a project, and later, this project brings you money day in and day out even if you are not actively involved.

For example, you work on something like say an ebook and put it up for sale. This book starts generating sales for you on a regular basis, 24×7. You could go on a holiday and this book is still  making you money – this is called passive income.

You only wrote that ebook once, but you are getting paid for it over and over again every time someone makes a purchase.

Sounds like a dream job isn’t it? This is why you hear a lot of people say, “Make money while you sleep, with passive income”.

And its not just from selling an ebook, there are many other ways you can generate passive income to make money from home.

In today’s post I am going to share some smart passive income ideas for 2019.

These are ideas that are profitable and still in-demand so you have a good chance of creating a sustainable income from home.

I have been making passive income from home with this blog since 2018. Most of my blog income is from affiliate marketing and advertising on this site – both a form of passive income and I am happy to share the details in this post.

Are you ready to learn how to create a passive income?



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