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3. January 2020
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14. June 2020

Want to know how I keep my business growing smoothly and steadily? Well you’re in luck, because today I’m going to give you a little glimpse into what my daily work routine looks like.

And I’ll be honest. There are A LOT of business tasks I have to manage to keep my traffic growing and business is expanding. This list by no means covers it all.

However, it’s a great start if you want to know exactly how I’ve been able to grow my blog traffic as quickly as I have.

#1. I Left All My Group Boards

I’d been hearing little anecdotes here and there for a while that group boards were on their way out. 

Then Pinterest proved it for me, essentially saying that group boards were meant to be used for collaboration, and the use as we know them today was never supposed to happen. 

Pinterest began to de-prioritize them, and as they did, bloggers received fewer and fewer visits from the pins they added to their group boards.

And when that happened, overall engagement with pins went down. Fewer people clicking on your pins = Pinterest thinking your pins aren’t very good and your account is devalued.

#2. I Focused More on Tailwind Tribes

Tribes were actually designed to help bloggers share their pins with each other, so Tailwind encourages it heavily and rewards great pinners. 

On top of that, Tailwind is an approved partner of Pinterest, which means we can rest assured that they are playing within the rules and Pinterest isn’t about to punish our accounts for any of Tailwind’s practices.

My strategy here was to join a few more Tailwind Tribes, add pins for a couple of weeks, and then check my Insights to see which ones were performing well.

Any Tribes that weren’t getting me very many re-pins, I left them and joined new ones. This is really a constant process, but so far I’ve been able to join a handful of Tribes that do exceptionally well at re-pinning my content. Yay!

So going forward this year, I highly recommend that you dig a little deeper into Tailwind’s Tribes feature. It’s where 95% of my traffic comes from and I’m so glad I did.

#3. I Respond To Comments On My Blog

One daily task I love doing is responding to my blog comments. If someone comments on one of my posts, you can bet your buns I’m going to do my very best to respond to them within a day or so.

All of the top bloggers I know respond directly to people’s comments, and it’s a great way to build rapport and connect with your readers. I highly recommend it!

#4. I Check For Broken Links On My Site

Another not so fun but super important daily task is checking for broken links.

I use the WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker, which automatically scours my site and delivers me a report daily to let me know if it finds anything.

When it does, I promptly go in and fix the link situation. Broken links are terrible for SEO and can seriously affect your Google rankings.

I suggest saving yourself 10 to 15 minutes a week to make sure that all of your links are properly assigned.

#5. I Freshen Up An Old Post

You know those old blog posts that you wrote in your early days that really don’t look so slick anymore? You know the ones I’m talking about.

They usually have some odd formatting, a few spelling errors, and a bunch of outdated images. They look old and tired!

There’s nothing wrong with having older posts on your site assuming that the content is evergreen and still useful.

But it’s a great idea to go through and spruce them up a little bit so that when people come across them it isn’t so obvious that they weren’t posted last week.

I give myself 15 minutes a few times per week to grab an old post and give it a fresh haircut.

Usually I will give it some fresh images, change any strange formatting, add a content upgrade if it doesn’t have one.

Then I’ll give it a fresh Pinterest pin and a Click to Tweet. This is usually all that is needed to take an older post from bleh to beautiful.

#6. I Dictate And Edit New Blog Posts And Newsletters

You knew this one was coming right?

I don’t know about you, but writing posts and newsletters gives me a little bit of anticipation anxiety.

It’s kind of like working out. I love doing it, and I always feel better afterwards, but the idea of getting started brings out my inner drama queen.

That being said, amazing content that your readers can’t wait to get their hands on is the lifeblood of your business.

I try to write at least part of a post or newsletter each day and then edit once a week before I send them to my assistant to be scheduled.


Here are the things I include in almost every email to help grow my blog:

  • Links to related posts (to bring readers back to the blog)
  • A question at the end (to help understand their needs and be able to provide it better)
  • A photo of me at the very bottom (because I’m a real person!)



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